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4th of July Parade

For those who care...
Russian Orphan Benefit
presented by Columbus Dancecentre
Friday, January 30
raised $723.
100% of the PROCEEDS have been donated to the orphans through
Ascent Russian Orphan Aid Foundation.
See the story at the This Week News website
or Ascent Russian Orphan Aid Foundation Web Site
or our website
Old New Year Party
January 17, 2004
New Year Party
December 31, 2003
Shows, Live Music, Exquisite cuisine!

Japanese Party

December 12, 2003

was most exciting.

Sushi -courtesy of Emiko Sugiura of Hama Restaurant and Eiko Hans.
Origatou doi tashe mashete!!!
1st Anniversary!!!
Guest Party!!!

Friday, December 5, 2003.

Thanks to everyone for making it an exciting event! So many new friends!

Bring friends! Win free lessons and shoes!

Columbus Star Ball and the "Halloween Party"

October 25-26, 2003

were smashing success!!!!

"Crazy Dance Maraphon"

Saturday, October 10, 2003

Igor and Svetlana Iskhakov

Improvisation by masters! Once it's over it's gone! Not to be repeated! Not to be missed!

First time in Columbus!
"Crazy Dance Maraphon" - Ninja of Guitar, Legendary A. Liapin with a new dance music project!
A. Liapin is a super-guitarist, monster and ninja of a guitar,played in best rock-bands as Aquarium and DDT, regularly received awards at various festivals. A unique solo, he is well acknowledged as the king of blues, maestro and absolutely undeniably - a star. All of these grand titles are very true and appropriate. However, Liapin's work embraces not only flawless guitar technique. He possesses something larger than that - uncompromised faith that music is the highest form of life, and serves it with dedication of a knight. "Old Rocker" (Anatoliy Gynitskiy)

Farewell Party

with artists of "Cirque du Soleil"

Saturday, August 16

Special performance by Igor and Svetlana!

Igor and Anya with Viktor Kee, juggler and Henriette, the african dancer from "Cirque du Soleil" at the party at the Columbus DanceCentre.

On the photos, Artists of Cirque de Soleil at the party in the Columbus DanceCentre!