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Igor and Svetlana Iskhakov, founders, owners and directors of the Columbus DanceCentre are one of the top professional dancesport couples in the United States and the world. They were US representatives to the world professional 10-dance championships held in Japan on June 22, 2003. Their titles include 3rd place in the 2003 US professional 10-dance championships , 1999 Ohio Star Ball Professional Rising Star Latin-American Champions, Open Professional Northcoast and Cincinnatti Dancesport Champions.

They also have a very strong and broad academic background. Svetlana received BFA in dance from Ohio State University completing the studies she did at the University of Culture in Moscow, Russia. Igor received Mathematics from OSU as culmination of his study and research in the department of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University, Russia. He also fulfilled the requirements of the dance program at OSU.

Both Igor and Svetlana have extensive teaching experience. They have recentely been selected by the Greater Columbus Arts Council as featured artists into the Artist-In-School Program. After directing their own dance studio in Moscow, Russia, they founded Columbus Dancesport Academy in 1996, one of the first dancesport institutions in USA dedicated to training young dancesport athletes. CDA was home of mid-west first junior and amateur dancesport couples of national and international caliber. Columbus DanceCentre is the successor to CDA taking dancing in Columbus to an entirely different level of quality instructiona and style fusion thus realizing Igor and Svetlana's original vision.

Igor and Svetlana travel extensively coaching and performing nationally and worldwide. They performed roles of the head coaches of the OSU and Kenyon College Ballroom Teams. In 2002 they served on the faculty of the Summer Children Camp organized by the Dance Department of Brigham Yong University in Provo, UT. They are frequentely invited to judge and do demonstrations at the collegiate competitions around the country, including OSU, Cornell, Case Western, Carnegie Mellon, Penn State universities. They have appeared as featured dancers in the Hollywood release "Dance with me" with Vanessa Williams. A documentary film "Igor and Svetlana" directed by OSU professor Vicki Uris was screened at the Lincoln Center in NY as a winner of the International Dance on Video Festival. Igor and Svetlana have been featured in numerous articles in Columbus Dispatch, New York Times, This Week, Columbus Alive, Gahanna News etc.

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