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Summer Camps 2005

Dance, Acting, Music!

Enroll on a weekly basis!

Deadline for registration:

One week before the camp. Registration, if accepted, after that date is subject to $50 per student late fee. Registration fee is not refundable. Tuition is not refundable one week prior to commencement of the camp.


4004 Presidential Pkwy
(614) 793-2623
1000 B Morrison Rd
(614) 759-0502

Ages: 6-8, 9-14.

Summer Camps are organized on a weekly basis.
Monday through Friday, 9 am - 2 pm.

Classes in different styles of dance, acting and music offered in the morning hours with a production rehersal after quick lunch break (children bring their own food). Camp T-shirts. Professional dance, music and drama instructors.

A week of activities builds up to a show production for parents on Thursday at 1 pm. Friday - review, potluck, fun activities, casting and pre-view for next week.

Each week will have a different theme and different set of classes.


New Dates!

Powell     Gahanna
Week 1 June 20-24     Week 2 June 27-July 1
Music Man     Footloose
Week 3 July 4-8     Week 4 July 11-15
Cats     Westside Story
Week 5 July 22-18     Week 6 July 26-29
Footloose     Music Man
Week 7 August 1-5     Week 18 August 8-12
Westside Story     Cats


$150 per week per child, second, third etc. in one family - 33% off ($100). Registration fee $25 per registration per child. Multiple weeks registrants (on one registration form) only pay registration fee once.

For more details or to register please email at
or call (614) 759-0502 or fill out the form below
Name of Contact Person
Child Name
Email Address
Phone Number
Age of child/children
Preffered location (Powell or Gahanna)
Week numbers (list all that apply)

Providing high quality dance instruction for children is one of the most important priorities at the Columbus DanceCentre. We believe that well-balanced and complete dance education of a child can only be achieved though variety of different dance experiences and exposture to different dance styles. Therefore we offer a wide range of specialized classes for children as well as fusion classes we call "Creative Movement". These classes are suitable for children of all ages and levels of dance experience. The goal is to expose them to multifold diversity of the dance art form while building their strength, flexibility, space awareness, musicality and social skills. "DanceSport" is a relatively new dance form becoming tremendously popular with children and youth in US and in the world. Being a highly sophisticated and demanding form of Ballroom Dancing, it contains elements of Ballet, Jazz, Modern Dance, Hip-Hop, Latin-American. It in addition is a sport presenting another layer of challenge for children. Necessity to interact with a partner develops social skills of the students as well. Notice that while finding a partner is eventually important, it is not a requirement to taking classes and is not crucial in the beginning stage. Our Parent/Child program allows parents to use their waiting time efficiently either getting exposed to what their children are learning or taking a dance class of interst. This will include social dancing, fitness aerobics, pilates etc. The classes will be scheduled at the same time as childrens classes. Many more classes will be added per requests to increase variety and accomodate time conflicts. Please look for updates.