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DanceSport Combo Class. Ages 5-up

Wednesdays at 6:15pm - 7:00pm - Accepting new students

This dance class focused on basic dance technique of DanceSport (Ballroom dances). It is not a technique based class. Students will learn short dances and moves appropriate for ballet and dancesport that enhance cognitive and social development and prepare them for further ballet and dancesport training.

DanceSport is a relatively new dance form becoming tremendously popular with children and youth in US and in the world. Being a highly sophisticated and demanding form of Ballroom Dancing, it contains elements of Ballet, Jazz, Modern Dance, Hip-Hop, Latin-American.It in addition is a sport presenting another layer of challenge for children (Ohio Star Ball or Arnold Classic Competitions). Necessity to interact with a partner develops social skills of the students as well. Notice that while finding a partner is eventually important, it is not a requirement to taking classes and is not crucial in the beginning stage.

DanceSport Competition is design only for students that were attending Level 1&2 during a previous year or danced Dancesport for at least a year.

Dancesport competition :

Thursdays at 7:00pm - 7:45pm

video click here...

Dress Code:

Girls: Solid color dress, white tights and ballroom dance shoes.

Boys: Solid color shirt, black pants and ballroom dance shoes.

Dance Class Fees:

$58 per month for 1 class/week.

$108 per month for 2 classes/week.

$140 per month for unlimited classes