Columbus Dance Centre
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  • Dance Program - ADULTS
  • Dance Program - ADULTS

Dance Classes Tuition Fees

One (1) weekly dance class fees:

30 minutes - $50 per month

45 minutes - $58 per month

90 minutes - $88 per month

Two (2) weekly dance classes fees:

30 minutes - $88 per month

45 minutes - $108 per month

90 minutes - $140 per month

Unlimited weekly dance classes fees:

30 minutes - $108 per month

45 minutes - $140 per month

90 minutes - $140 per month

Registration Fee:

To cover the cost of processing your child's registration and to guarantee them a place in the class of your choice, we require a registration fee. If registered before September 1st, $20 non-refundable registration fee per family. The fees after September 1st are $30 per family.

Recital Fee:

Participation in our production is not mandatory for any student; however, we do encourage participation. We feel it is a positive, rewarding, and fun time for the students. End of the season recital is always FREE for students and ONLY $10 for parents and guests. Costume fees are varies from class to class and are non-refundable. Costume fees have to be paid by December 31st.

Tuition Payments::

Our tuition scale has been set up according to the length of weekly lesson time and based on a 40 week season. Holiday breaks and a short month of may have not been counted into this scale. The total amount of all forty classes has been divided into ten equal monthly payments, which were quoted to you at the time of registration. If a payment is not received by the 7th of the month, a $10.00 late charge will be assessed for the first month it is late. A $20 late fee will be assessed for any continuing months tuition is late. If a payment becomes two months past due, arrangements must be made through the office or classes will be discontinued until the account is brought up to date. All returned checks will be assessed a $35.00 fee. All returned checks will be reported to Bounceback, a credit collections agency. If payment is made with cash please bring cash to the office to receive a receipt. If payment is made by check and the student's last name is different from the person writing the check, indicate the student's full name, class time, and ID number on the bottom of the check.

Withdrawal Policy:

Students who wish to withdraw from a class are required to fill out a Withdrawal Form. This form is located here or in the studio office and must be turned in to the studio office. Withdraws must be done on or before the 7th of the month in order to only pay for the classes taken that month. Forms received after the 7th of the month will be charged an entire month’s tuition. This is not for students changing classes, only for students dropping a class entirely. Any changes made to a student’s schedule must still be reported to the office in order to have their name on the roster (this includes changing days, times, etc)

No credit will be given for missed lessons. Students who miss their class(es) are entitled to a make-up class.Please call the studio for a make-up class day & time if you should need one. GOOD ATTENDANCE IS VERY IMPORTANT, IN ORDER TO GAIN MAXIMUM BENEFITS FROM INSTRUCTION.

Appropriate dance shoes and dance attire must be worn in class. No socks without shoes.

Ballet classes require black leotards and pink tights; hair must be worn in a bun. Ballet skirts and black boy shorts allowed.

Please take dance bags and personal items to class. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please put your name in your shoes.

No food, gum, or drinks permitted in lobby and classrooms

Please do not post any pictures on facebook or videos on youtube that are not of your child.