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  • Dance Program - ADULTS
  • Dance Program - ADULTS

Students' Testimonials

Here is what our students are saying
Students of the Columbus Dance Centre gained city wide and national recognition. They are the winners of the "Dance Hysteria" Contest organized by Ballet-Met in October 2002. Every month we nominate male or/and female Students of the Month based on the level of participation in the studio affairs, efforts in studying ballroom dance and overall improvement in dance.

Lex McAllister (Founder & Host at NO Excuses radio):

"Columbus Dance Center is the BEST! Great workout, great fun, and the staff rocks!"




Dawn Holman (JOY 106.3):

"The team at Columbus Dance Center are professional and friendly. I enjoyed my experience and learned so much about the art of dancing. It was hard work, but lots of fun! God's Girl Dawn JOY 106.3 radio"




Ingrid and John White:

"When we first came to Columbus Dance Centre it was very new to us and we wasn’t sure what to expect, but from the first time we walked in the door we felt welcomed. The teachers are always there to help us out and we found our self looking forward to our dancing nights. We recently placed 1st in Latin at the Ohio Star Ball and we wouldn’t ever be dancing if it weren’t for Columbus Dance Centre."

Cheri Papier:

"I have been dancing at the Columbus Dance Centre for about 6 years. Dancing that time I have met many wonderful people and learned to dance. I am not only not embarrassed, but actually enjoy showing off on the dance floor! They don’t call me "Hustle Queen" for nothing!"


Jade Lovelace:

"I have always danced throughout my life, but never Ballroom, until I came to Columbus DanceCentre! Now Ballroom dancing is where I find freedom + air in my day. Svetlana & Aleko, my teachers at Columbus DanceCentre, have taught me things I never thought I could do. They are extremely knowledgeable and encourages my very best. Whether dancing is vital to your life or you are dancing for fun, Columbus DanceCentre is the place to be."





Michael Drown:

"I LOVE Ballroom Dancing. Each of the many Ballroom Dances taught at Columbus Dance Centre allow me to experience varying enjoyable feelings that are difficult to describe but are even more difficult to deprive myself from. Columbus Dance Centre offers a most wonderful dance environment. It is an unusually large multiple dance floor facility, pleasingly decorated with art and plants, and most importantly has a “Floating Floor”. For people with feet, an ankle or knee problem, this type of floor is ideal. Many facilities have floors that are actually undergerthed with cement. Columbus Dance Centre has dancer’s floor with wall to wall mirrors to assist learning. Columbus dance Centre offers many valuable opportunities for learning to dance well and with enjoyment. CDC is HOT! HOT! HOT… OUCH"


Cole Ritenbach:

"I like that Columbus Dance Center is the FUN Place to take lessons. My instructor, Svetlana, is very nice and very creative. The classes are very informative and I am having a blast on every class. I wish I could spend more time at the studio; I have met a lot of new friends there."






Samantha Simpson:

“I was introduced to the Columbus Dance Centre by an acquaintance. Already having a basic understanding of various types of dance I was keen to assess whether the approach offered by CDC and the rest of the team could excel this knowledge. This now being my sixth year of attendance I am pleased to say that in this time my understanding and capability has excelled from strength to strength in all types of dance and others I would never have dreamed of being able to undertake. Having seen the techniques offered by the instructors to any individual's capabilities whether they be advanced of having never set a foot on a dance floor before, I have no hesitation in recommending the ability of the instructors with regards to the various dance instruction they are able to offer. I find the approach of Columbus Dance Centre to be second to none and will continue to utilize the excellent services they provide.”

Hande Tunçkanat:

"I left my country for six months to study in OSU. I did not want to quit dancing for six months. So I searched for a dance studio in Columbus… I checked all dance studios but I was not satisfied! Then, bum! I came across with a dance video of Svetlana & Igor . I was speechless. I flew for 14 hours. Arrived to Columbus. And a week later I was at Columbus Dance Center! Just seeing Svetlana walking around was inspiring by itself! Aleko, my teacher in CDC, has thought me the perfect logarithm of dancing brilliantly with his kind, modest, dedicated and lively personality! Leigh Anne saved me from taking two hours bus trips. Columbus Dance Centre is a perfect place for learning how to dance by heart. . I am so grateful that I am a student of CDC!"

Maureen Graham:

"Columbus Dance Centre is great! Everyone on the staff is friendly, encouraging, and so helpful. This is a studio that welcomes you no matter what age or level you are. I have made friends and have learned to dance!”

Katarina Schmidt:

"Columbus Dance Centre has allowed me to see substantial growth in my dancing skills and in myself as an individual on the dance floor. I am still most happy that I made the decision to pursue my study of Latin technique with instructors from Columbus Dance Centre for I feel that both of the teachers with whom I have studied, Aleko Khutsidze and Svetlana Iskhakov, have managed to significantly increase my confidence in the competitive Latin dance sphere. I hope that more new students will continue to come to Columbus Dance Centre as I have found my experience there to be entirely unique. I would certainly recommend it!

Irina Ostrova:

"When I was a child, my parents brought me to the studio. Then I took a break. Now, I came back, on my own, as an adult because the studio offers not just dance classes, but an atmosphere of creativity, discovery, and innovation that will make you feel happy about yourself at the end of the day."

Bradley O. Brunicardi:

"I jumped from studio to studio for several months before I found the Columbus DanceCenter. Their studio and instructors are by far the best in the area. Their unique combination of private and group lessons is without a doubt the best and most effective way to quickly learn how to dance. You can now find me and several of my closest friends at the studio almost every night enjoying "one on one" private lessons with a professional instructor or learning new dance steps in a group class."

Larisa Graifer:

"When I came to Columbus Dance Center 8 years ago, I came because my kids were there for dance lessons. It never occurred to me to actually take a lesson while I sat and watched them for a number of years. When I finally started taking lessons, I was surprised at how challenging and at the same time enjoyable dancing was. I look forward to coming to the studio every week and learning something new."

Jennifer Knapp:

"I am so glad and excited that I came to Columbus Dance Center 6 months ago. Not only have I learned so much in such a short time but I have made so many new friends. Everyone is so nice and so professional as well. I really value the private lessons because that is where I can really focus on the dances and the technique for each. The group classes allow me the opportunity to learn more steps, to practice what I know, and to dance with different partners which in itself is important. I so enjoy the Friday Dance's a time to relax, enjoy, and...I'm embarrassed to say..."show off" what I have learned! Everyone is there for the same DANCE and to have a good time!"

Tracy Gantt:

"My experience with Columbus Dance Centre has been nothing short of amazing! The staff are all so nice and helpful. The learning environment is outstanding! All of the students are there to learn and they do their best to help others learn as well. The Friday night dance parties are the best! We get to learn AND have a good time! Not to mention sometimes Scott wears a toga :)"

Marina Schmidt:

"Gorgeous studio, highly-professional staff! The studio's two leading teachers Svetlana Iskhakov and Aleko Khutsidze possess a wealth of knowledge and experience that is hard to match. Everything at the Columbus Dance Centre from its soft beautiful interior, its efficient yet warm receptionist to its intense, engaging group and individual lessons is indisputably of the highest quality. Definitely the place to be!"

Rick and Sue Tossmann:

"We started dancing on a four week package almost two years ago and were instantly hooked. The staff at Columbus Dance Centre is wonderful, the group and private classes are tons of fun as are the Friday night dance parties. We call it our "date night." Life is too short not to dance!"

Barbara Goss:

"I have been dancing at Columbus Dance Center for over 3 years now. I love the atmosphere, the instructors, owners and other students. Columbus Dance Center is a beautiful facility and has fun Friday night parties. The instructors are awesome and really know what they are doing. My instructor Trevor is patient yet full of new things keeping it interesting and fun. It is the most enjoyable and stress relieving sport. And Fun at that!"

Scott Aaron Kaltenbaugh:

"I can hardly describe how wonderful my experience at CDC has been. As if the joy of dancing itself was not enough, it is the people there that keep me coming back four nights a week. Between the care and attention of the instructors and the high spirits and positive energy of the other students, I can think of no better group to spend my time with."

Henry Walker:

"My experience with Columbus Dance Centre began in the fall of 2002. Although the studio was not finished (some flooring and mirrors not complete) , the international style being taught was captivating and different from my experience at Fred Astaire. The studio is spacious; the floors provide good footing and the instruction has been challenging. During competitions, my professional partners have always been supportive and encouraging. Because of all the above, I'm still dancing and having fun."

Drew & Allison:

"When I first came to Columbus Dance Center I was nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect, but from the first time I walked in the door I felt welcomed. If I ever had a question the teachers were always there to help me out and I found myself looking forward more to dance nights then weekends. My partner Allison and I placed 1st in Latin at the Chicago Crystal Ball and I we are so happy to be a part of this studio."

Franklin Bolinger:

"I had driven many times pass a place with a sign “Columbus DanceCentre”. Than one day, curiosity got me, I stopped and signed up. For I thought would be a few introductory lessons. Three years has passed and after many lessons the dance studio is as new as ever to me. The instructors are friendly, knowledgeable and like family. A pleasant three years!"


"I love Columbus Dance Center! Everyone is so nice and friendly. Teachers are very dedicated to their work, they help me to progress with my dancing and I love the results. I will recommend Columbus Dance Center to everyone and continue to dance there."

Joshua Hess:

"There are very few who pour out their hearts and give the way that the team at Columbus Dance Center does. The warmth, passion, and encouragement they share with every student is unwavering. The talented dancing and instruction available are beyond comparison. I’m proud to be part of the Columbus Dance Center’s exciting community!"

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